73c vintage style mini cooper rc stock car.

Built early/mid 2009. Inspired by real stock cars found at www.stockcarscene.co.nz
alloy baseplate cut, drilled and folded.

start of chassis

back hoop

chassis tacked up

body & bonnet fitted

ready for painting

chassis painted

body painted & numbers stenciled on

ready to race

Build Specs:
  • 12.5mm square tube
  • 8mm, 6mm & 4mm round rod
  • 16x3mm flat bar
  • 30x2mm flat bar
  • 3mm alloy plate
  • 1.5mm mild steel
  • 1mm mesh
  • speaker mesh
  • Tamiya polycarb mini body
  • tin bonnet
Running Gear:
  • Tamiya TT-01 base
  • 3Racing alloy shocks
  • 3Racing locked diff & alloy shafts
  • 3Racing carbon fibre deck
  • Novak Rooster esc
  • Tamiya RZ motor
Final race weight: (unweighed, but should be about 3.8 ~ 3.9kg)
Due to weakness, the alloy base plate was replaced with a steel latticework chassis.