75c "Volkswagon Shunter" Remote control stock car.

Our first build. Built mid 2008. Based on a photo of a real VW stock car found at www.stockcarscene.co.nz
original car (75w Graeme Heberley / 1970 chrysler power plant / VW body)

1/10th frame plans

pre cutting steel

welding begins

cutting alloy plate & fitting TT-01 donor

welding on plate mounts (slick spaceframe in background)

front hoops tacked on, upper frame next

frame minus roof/body mount

frame almost complete

frame base paint

masked off & overcoat

plastic body reinforcment

frame & body painted

masking off body

stenciling cars racing number

Build Specs:
  • 15mm square tube, 15mm solid square rod
  • 8mm, 6mm & 4mm round rod
  • 3mm alloy plate
  • 1.5mm mild steel
  • 1mm mesh
  • Tamiya Plastic VW body
  • Tamiya TT-01 bath tub chassis
Running Gear:
  • Tamiya TT-01 base
  • 3 Racing alloy shocks
  • 3 Racing carbon upper deck
  • Novak Rooster esc
  • Tamiya RZ motor
Final race weight: 4.5kg
Due to weight issues this car has since had several mods. All solid square bar has been replaced with square tube and about 1/3 the 8mm has been replaced with 6mm.
It's now lighter, faster, handles better and is still strong enough to plough a path if one dos'nt exsist.
New 2011 season paintjob.