Rover SD1 remote control street stock.

Build: late 2008.
Experimental build to try out a few fabrication theroies (commissioned build).
cardboard body mock up (3rd attempt) on karlos & mackie alloy base plate/bars

drawn out on the sheet metal & partly swaged

cut lines & shape swaged.

body folded

and tacked up front & rear

custom 6mm front hoop added to cut down karlos & mackie front bars

windows ready for cutting

windows cut out & boby tacked onto bar work

final test fit/weigh before going to owner.

paintwork & signwriting by ryan (racefx).

Build Specs:
  • 4mm & 6mm round rod
  • 4mm alloy plate & 6mm square bar (Karlos & Mackie)
  • 0.8 mild sheet steel
  • Tamiya TT-01 bath tub chassis
Running Gear:
  • Tamiya TT-01 base
  • 540 motor
  • TEU101BK esc
Final race weight: 2.8 ~ 3kg (minus battery)